3 Quick Things You Must Do Before Getting SMP

Researching and deciding to get SMP is an exciting time. These are 3 quick tips you must do before getting Scalp Micropigmentation (assuming you already decided on an artist, a location, and booked your appointment).

  1. Deep Exfoliatio

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Clean your head/skin thoroughly because it’s going to be our SMP artists’ canvas. While your head may be a little sensitive, it will be extremely clean, allowing the artist to pinpoint each needle mark.

      2. Cut Your Hair As You Prefer:

scalp micropigmentation hair cut

Our SMP artist will ensure we match your hairline, color, bald spots, or scars to match your exact style and needs. If you wear your hair slightly longer. If you typically use a razor day to day, or a no guard zero clipper, be sure to come in as you normally want to wear your hair style. Then again, many of our clients love to use a razor, once we transform your hair aesthetics. Just be sure to talk openly and candidly with your SMP artist as we are here to serve you and create the best optimal result just for you.

     3. No Pain, All Hair Gains!:

Is SMP Painful

Discomfort, slight pain or headaches are rare, but we recommend taking some type of pain reliever such as Advil to ensure you can lay back in our ergonomic studio seats. This way you can just relax, and when you enter the before/after room all your endorphins are going to overtake the pain anyway as we pull the hands of time back 10 years, reshape your face, and give you a completely new outlook on yourself in a super positive way.

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