Does Covid-19 Cause Hair Loss?

As most people are aware, 2020 has seen the world become part of an overwhelming global pandemic, Corona virus. This virus is one that most people have only recently become acquainted with, so people have been learning how to adapt and understand new symptoms that are being discovered. The most common symptoms are a high temperature, continuous cough, and a loss or change in the sense of smell or taste. There have been many people suddenly experiencing hair loss. This increase could make people think that Covid-19 cause hair loss. Does Covid-19 Cause Hair Loss?

covid 19 cause hair lossWhat to Do Before Scalp Micropigmentation

First things first, what is scalp micropigmentation? It is a hair loss treatment that doesn’t involve surgery, also known as ‘cosmetic tattooing.’ The procedure creates a shaved head look or can add more substance to a thinning hairline that appears completely natural.

In terms of preparation, there’s plenty of things you can do to ensure that this ‘cosmetic tattoo’ goes as well as possible. The first step you can take early on is to shave the focus area to a grade 0-2, which makes it easier to blend the hair transplant into the rest of your head. Additionally, it is critical not to tan two weeks before your treatment, and be sure not to let your face get sunburn.

covid 19 cause hair loss

Next, you’ll need to consider the 48 hours leading up to your transplant. Four things to remember are that you should not drink alcohol. Stay away from caffeinated drinks, garlic, oily fish, and the like. Don’t work out on that day. Avoid anticoagulants and anti platelets, as they both will prevent or slow efficient blood clotting. Furthermore, exfoliating your scalp the night before your procedure which will remove any dead skin you have on your head to avoid it hindering the transplant.

What Ink Is Used for Scalp Micropigmentation?

The ink used for this procedure is specialized to create a formula that works best when applied to the scalp and face. Furthermore, the artist carrying out the procedure will be able to combine shades from a range across the grey scale to match the follicle color of the client. One big difference between this type of ink and the typical ink used for tattoos is that the scalp micropigmentation ink will maintain its color over time, which is something standard tattoo ink cannot do.

Why Do 3RL Needles Give the Best Results?

The term ‘3RL’ refers to the needle size, with the ‘R’ and ‘L’ meaning ‘Round Liner.’ This type of needle is commonly used in cosmetic tattooing for hair transplants because it is said to give the best results, which could be primarily due to the idea that highly trained professionals mostly use it. However, there are other benefits to the 3RL needle size. One significant positive is that it deposits the best amount of ink to allow the customer to get the exact shade they want. Furthermore, these needles are also much lighter to work with, which is good, as it means the pigment size best matches the realistic size of hair follicles.


What Are the Covid-19 Symptoms with Hair Loss, if Any?

Currently, there’s no ‘hair loss’ on the official list of symptoms. However, there have been many people suddenly experiencing hair loss. This increase could have been a result of lots of increased stress as a result of an unprecedented global pandemic. It is expected that if you have been experiencing hair loss over the last few months, that once life and anxiety levels go back to normal, then it will begin to regrow. Therefore, if you are currently experiencing new hair loss, there is a very high chance that it is a result of other external factors rather than a direct symptom of Corona virus.

hair loss

How to Understand Why Hair Loss is More Common in Younger Adults

Your hair can have a significant impact on the way that you are perceived, as it’s frequently one of the first things that people notice about you—because of this, losing hair/hair loss as a young adult can be highly distressing. For many teenagers, this can also be a source of embarrassment. But, why are you losing hair, and how can you overcome it?

Why Do Young People Lose Their Hair?

If you are a young adult struggling with hair loss, you are not alone. There are thousands of other teenagers out there going through the same thing. According to a study of 4,000 students, 60 percent have noticed some hair loss. There are plenty of reasons why this might be happening.

First, it is believed that the rise of vegan and vegetarian diets might be impacting on hair growth, by reducing the amount of protein that is in your diet. In some cases, this might affect hair growth. It is also possible that the changes in hair growth might be linked to stress. When we are stressed, we can lose hair prematurely. In other cases, hair loss might be related to genetics. If this is the case, your parents might also have started balding at a young age.

hair loss depressionIn most cases, hair loss is brought about by a range of factors. For this reason, you should contact a professional. They can give you a better understanding of why this might be happening to you. Once you know why it is happening, you might be able to find a solution.

Dealing with Hair Loss as a Young Adult

For many young adults, hair loss can be an embarrassing situation. Nonetheless, you should make sure that you take action as quickly as possible. Taking action will ensure that you can get the help that you need. First, you should make sure to make an appointment with a dermatologist. They might be able to help you diagnose what is causing the hair loss.

You might also want to change your hair care routine. It would help if you tried to protect your hair from any further damage. To do this, you might want to choose a gentle wash shampoo. If possible, try to get something that is made from natural products, as these will not strip the natural oils from your hair. After shampooing, make sure to use conditioner to return moisture to the follicles. Also, it would be best if you stopped using curling irons and hot irons, as these can further weaken and damage the hair. Finally, try to avoid hairstyles that pull your hair, like cornrows or ponytails.

hair loss visibleHow hair loss affects young adults can vary. But many people can lose their confidence. To regain it, you might want to book an appointment with Picasso Scalp Micropigmentation. We will be able to help you replicate hair follicles. This treatment can be the perfect way to combat hair loss and help you regain your confidence. For additional information, give our friendly team a call today.