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In the beautiful sunshine state of Florida, you shouldn’t need to constantly worry about your hair – but we want to look our best. It’s an unfair burden to simply “deal with it”, and not truly be happy with ones appearance. Wearing a hat, hair piece (toupee), or hoping the wind doesn’t blow your perfectly combed hair revealing your thinning hairline or balding spots is an afternoon no one wants. We know this all too well – Our team of SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation) artists received SMP, and know first-hand it’s positive life-changing effects. Our semi-permanent SMP hair loss solution is something we stand by and believe in 100%, because it works and the results are instant! In just a few short sessions you will transform your jawline, face, and even personality as crazy as that sounds – you will have a new lease on life, and can dive in the water headfirst only thinking about enjoying the moment vs entering flight or fight mode when wondering if the girl of your dreams or significant other might “see” what your hairline really is, or isn’t. This is the new you, and it’s 100% YOURS. No need to be ashamed, hide, or wondering “what could be” if you just took the plunge and did something for yourself, to be the best version of yourself. Words cannot describe what Scalp Micropigmentation has done for our staff personally, our friends, family and valued clientele. We welcome you with open arms. Call or fill out the consultation form if you are in Florida, South Florida or even nationwide or internationally – if you want SMP services and demand excellence from skilled SMP artists who not only know SMP, they also train it, and live it everyday – give us a call.

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Seif has quickly become one of the most recognized and well-respected international SMP artists and trainers. A consummate perfectionist, his innate attention to detail, combined with his passion for helping people feel their best has helped him produce some outstanding scalp micropigmentation work on clients from all walks of life and of different backgrounds. While with Scalp Aesthetics in past years as a beginner, Seif received awards for the artist who produces the “Best Natural Hairline” as well as the “Best Business” award, and in the process has become one of the busiest and most successful artists in the world. He has since been awarded as “Best International Practitioner” at the Scalp Guru awards in 2018 and for “Excellence in Education” at the International Permanent Cosmetics Show in 2019.


3D Vertical SMP

Layering on a one dimensional flat surface such as skin requires a layering process of multiple sessions to create shadows and the illusion of a natural hairline. 

Fixing a Receding Hairline

By understanding your exact needs, age, and goals of your new hairline, or enhanced hairline, our team will work closely with you and make recommendations based on our years of experience to give you a youthful, natural hairline using cutting edge micro-needling technology, quality pigments, and a master Scalp Micropigmentation artist at our studio in South Florida.

Thinning or Completely Bald

Ditch the hat and embrace the new you! Feel 100% confident and comfortable in your skin, whether going to an indoor restaurant or going outside for a walk along the beach with that special someone. Build confidence like you wouldn’t believe and make deeper human connections and friendships that will last a lifetime.


What Causes Hair Loss in Men?

There are several reasons someone might experience hair loss. It is a genetic issue, so if your parent’s families have dealt with it, you could be more at risk, and it doesn’t matter which side of the family is prone to baldness. Age is another common risk factor for baldness, with men entering their 40s, 50s, and 60s more prone to hair loss. Certain medications could also result in hair loss. Why does this happen? There are two factors that combine and can cause male pattern baldness.

  1. Exposure and production of dihydrotestosterone – DHT is a male hormone that the body naturally produces. While a male is in utero, during childhood, and during puberty, DHT works to create the male characteristics. By converting some of their testosterone to DHT, men constantly produce this element. The way it causes baldness is by circulating incorrectly. Sometimes as it pulses through the body, it binds to the hair follicles, making them weaken and shrink. Eventually, hair will stop growing in that location, which tends to be the hairline and the crown.
  2. Sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone – Not all men are sensitive to DHT. Sensitivity is thought to be hereditary, which is what makes pattern baldness a genetic issue. Some medications also increase the production of DHT, which naturally makes the individual more sensitive to it. If someone is particularly sensitive to DHT, he might start to notice hair loss in his late teens or early 20s.

What Can I Do To Prevent Hair Loss?

There are several supplements and other products that individuals in Florida, use to combat the issue of hair loss, though many aren’t as effective as they claim. If you do try supplements or shampoos, look for products that contain saw palmetto, ketoconazole, and biotin, for these are the ingredients that will offer real benefits. Everyone reacts differently to these products, and you can’t expect full hair growth when using them. Most often, they lessen hair loss by slowing the production of DHT.

What Is the Solution To Hair Loss?

At Picasso Scalp Micropigmentation, we have a non-invasive solution to the baldness you’re experiencing. Whether you have a receding hairline, a thinning crown, or thinning throughout your hair, scalp micropigmentation is the answer. This cosmetic procedure uses microdot tattoos to simulate the look of healthy hair follicles. Working with our artists, you decide on a hairline that will look best on you. We meticulously tattoo the microdots within the specified area, and after a short recovery period, it looks as though you have a short buzz cut.Scalp micro pigmentation isn’t just for those experiencing typical male pattern baldness. We often treat individuals who are recovering from cancer with hair that isn’t growing back correctly. If you have had a hair transplant or were injured and have another type of scar on your head, micro pigmentation covers up the scar in a nearly unnoticeable way. Individuals living with alopecia are typical clients of ours as well.

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