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Austin, TX

Best scalp micropigmentation clinic for treatments and training in Austin Texas.

Masoud smp

Best decision you’ll ever make! Picasso’s is the best!

Sara Suta


I’m so happy I discovered SMP in Austin, they have literally changed my life. I have suffered from hair loss and thinning since my teenage years, and spent so long trying different methods to cover up such as make up and hair products. I had a density enhancement procedure done and I couldn’t believe the results! I am no longer spending hours covering my thinning every morning and I couldn’t be happier that I finally discovered something that has worked.

Gojo Satoru

Soo glad I shopped around! The stuff here are amazing people and artists. I felt super comfortable and taken care of the entire time, and the results are even more exceptional than I and my wife expected!! Best scalp Micropigmentation in Texas.

Vic Painter

Just finished my last session with Ivan and I am beside myself. I had no idea how much of a difference this procedure would make and how realistic it would turn out. I’m well into my 40’s and he made me look 10 plus years younger overnight. I could go on forever about how pleased I am with the results. Ivan came highly recommended but I had no idea he was this talented. I am so happy I got this done. It’s a life changer for sure. I want to add that not only is he a great artist but he is just an all around great person. I thouroughly enjoyed my conversations with him while he was working on me. Wouldn’t change a thing about the whole experience.
-Tim Champion

Champion Properties

This is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Ivan is one of the best.

Randy Crocker

Ivan is awesome! I’ve been wearing a baseball cap for over 20 years. After my first session I could not believe it. My wife and kids have finally seen me without cap. This is one talented down to earth guy I’ve come across. Love my results.

mayson marinez

Chicago, IL

One of the best decision I’ve made. I wasn’t sure which establishment to go too, but after I’ve seen the reviews I decided to go here. Let me tell you Shannon did a Amazing jod! Super nice, professional and very knowledgeable of the craft. I would highly recommend anyone looking to get Smp….to try the Justice Illinois location.

J Rilla


Jeff is amazing and skillful at what he does. He did a great job! I can tell he has years of experience and knows what he is doing to make it look precise and natural 👏

Petrie Manuel

I highly recommend Picasso Scalp Micro pigmentation. Shannon was very professional and did such a great job.

Carlos Ramirez Patiño

Had a very good experience with Jeff, he was able to cover up a scar I had and now you can barely even notice it. I would highly recommend going here.


Before contacting Jeff, I checked all around the Chicago area for the best scalp micro pigmentation artist. I went through all of Jeff’s reviews and ig posts to finally make my decision. I had a density fill and showed him a picture from about 3yrs ago before I started thinning and was promised to make it look very real in the end. HE DID NOT DISAPPOINT! He is the man to go to! 6 stars!

Precision Diagnostics

Extremely satisfied with the work that was done put all my worries at ease throughout the whole process. Couldn’t ask for a more professional artist as well as workmanship is amazing any questions or concerns he is sure to put them at ease .I’m on session number 2 and couldn’t be more happy with the product.

V rezo

Picasso has received the name for a reason. True artist in the scalp micropigmentation field. He has been at it for over 7 years and one of the first to get things started in Chicago. I recently took a course and was pleased with the knowledge and experience he shared with me.

Rene P

I cannot say anything but the best about Jeff. I had several hair transplant surgeries 20 years ago that left me with scars and very little hair. I was caught in a spot where I could not cut my remaining hair short due to scars or the transplanted hair because it was obvious. Jeff worked diligently to camouflage my donor scars and thicken the appearance of my transplant area. Now, I believe I look 10 years younger, have no worry about scars showing and am able to cut my hair very close to my scalp. Have not felt this level of freedom since I was a young man with regard to my hairstyle. On top of it, Jeff is a kind, caring person…and has become a friend over the course of 3 sessions. I highly recommend his services. Great job Jeff!

Ed Yellen

Picasso is definitely the best at what he does, his work boosts confidence in males. I started balding at the age of 20, and after the first session I’m already feeling 10 years younger. Your hairline changes everything about your appearance. All in all it just gives you a cleaner, more youthful look. I’m tired of wearing hats! Picasso brought back my shine!

Mike Kusek

After talking to Picasso Jeff I knew I came to the right place for my smp treatment. Jeff was highly professional and master of his craft and very knowledgeable. His bedside manner was second to none and he made me feel very comfortable about the procedure. I look forward to my second session. I would definitely recommend him to my family and friends for smp treatment. On a scle 1-5, 5 being excellent, I would rate Picasso Jeff a perfect 10!!

ondraze mohan

Leaders Academy online training.
For SMP certification. There Couldn’t be a better online service then leaders Academy. You go at your own pace. There is someone always there to help you along the way. If you have any questions. But believe me taking their course I didn’t have any questions. Because it was completely clear.
There was always someone there to address my concerns. They were some and I always got a reply. Jeff is a wonderful person to work with. Thank you Picasso SMP. Scalp micropigmentation.

Luis M Ortiz

I have been doing SMP since 2015 but I always stay up on my training. I trained with Jeff last year during a class he offered in Florida. This guy is a game changer. I’m grateful that I was able to be mentored by a pioneer in the SMP industry and to be able to take what I have learned and assist patients in a medical clinic.

Mael El

If you’re looking for a hair replacement solution Scalp Micropigmentation is it. Jeff is the best at what he does, a true professional. Highly recommend him!

Nacer Musleh

I had my 1st session with Jeff and couldn’t be happier with results. Jeff knew exactly what I wanted and executed to perfection. He is the best in the industry for a reason. If you are on the fence about SMP my advice would be do it, as possibly my only regret would be not having done it early with Picasso Scalp Micropigmentation. If I could give 100 stars I would.

Matthew Turkal

Amazing customer service, a true professional who will ensure you will get the most quality out of anyone i have seen in this field. Impressive attention to detail and quick turn around time.. highly recommend to anyone looking to start their new life with SMP…

Alex Espinoza

Hi my name is Ari & I was referred by my good friend that is already making bank cuz she took the 3 day course & is killing it. THANK YOU JEFF & the rest of the team for showing me the exact way the first time. RESPECTFUL PROFESSIONALS MASTERING THIS TRUE ART !! PiCASSO!!!!

Arianna Thomas

Hi I thought about gettin my eye brows done for a while. Never could actually build up the courage to go in any place but I’m always watching videos on Facebook of diy make up or ya know girl things. Lol. Then i came across Picasso’s Micropigmentation & seen it wasn’t to far from me. So I called & I went to check it out with no obligations in mind. Ya I left with a grin ear to ear & so happy I found a group of people that treated me like family 💙 # Brows on fleek

Gina Anderson

Michael here. Ok when I do something in life it better be the best!! My image is huge & I want to keep modeling but losing my hair was not my Choice. Lol. To compete with the younger guys I new I had to get this done. They had good reviews. The website looks tight. Picasso answered instant & accommodated me thru the whole process. Jeff took his time made a few jokes to lighten me up & now I can say they are the best.

Mr Modern Mystic

What Picasso SMP have done to the Scalp Micropigmentation industry is amazing. They are the pioneers in the craft. There training, techniques and products our the best bussiness.

Joseph Blanco

Very professional and knowledgeable. I was very skeptical at first but after seeing his work and having my consultation I was put at ease. He is the best at his craft and is leading the field in MSP. I’m so happy to have my confidence back and have a new perspective on life. Look no further if you want a life changing experience.

PDV 738

Was a great experience jeff is an artist. Definitely recommend

ricardo castro

I got into the SMP industry after taking an instructional course in Toronto with Jeff Villenas and Masoud Noori of Leaders SMP. Because of their outstanding knowledge and experience in this industry, and their unending support and feedback, I’ve been able to use the skills and techniques I’ve learned from them to get myself started. Thank you so much – forever grateful for this opportunity!

Ink Artista

Luis Suarez

Best smp experience I had thus far. Jeff fixed a bad job I had done previously. What I liked about Jeff is he checked in on my progress and also made accommodations to fit me into his schedule. People think I shave my full set of hair on my head, his work is unbelievable

Elie Mounsef

Best in the business! SMP at its finest. Jeff made my old hairline look more even and natural looking. A1 hospitality and customer service as well. Highly recommended!

Christian Aquino

Thanks bro loved it

angel lopez

Jeff did a great job. I had 3 sessions over 8 months due to my schedule. Jeff worked with me the whole way. The results are great. I had patchiness that’s been filled out completely. Highly recommend Jeff and Phillip.

Sergio Balino

Amazing at what he does, a true artist! Not only the BEST scalp micropigmentation artist in Chicago but the most sought after internationally for training in this technique.


Picasso is amazing!!! Came in with my fiancé he did an amazing job! We fully recommend him. Totally worth the money.

Vianney Davalos

Life changing experience ….Cool vibe. Best decision I made. Can’t tell it´s scalp micropigmenation.

Alex Zamora

These guys are the best ! Top professionals

Zygimantas Gedrimas

Thanks Jeff . Amazing job highly recommened it .. 🙂

Milen M

I’ve had the pleasure of working along side Jeff as his videographer/photographer to capture some of his clients stories. As someone that didn’t know anything about scalp micropigmentation before hand, It’s amazing to see how many peoples lives have been changed from his work.

Matt Ellis

To be the best you have to get trained by the best! Jeff is a true leader in smp industry. He is very hands on and very good at explaining everything and teaching the proper techniques. His sanitation process is second to none. This training academy definitely makes him stand out from the rest! If your looking to get trained sign up asap! And if you already have smp and are looking to get your smp fixed call Jeff he is the smp nightmare savior!

sean santa

THE best natural hairlines in the industry bar none! I challenge you to find someone with more expertise and talent than Jeff. His results speak for themselves.

Phil Kosk

Exceptional service. Fixed my old hairline and made it more natural looking. The best in the country! Artistry at its finest!

Midwest Empire Kennels

Drove from Kansas to get the masterpiece .
Picasso delivered .


Joe Blanco

Cant believe I didnt do this sooner.
So happy with my results.
Thanks guys

Erik Martinez

The best in the midwest

Victor Martinez

Isaac Joel

It was such an honor to see Jeff work his magic on my bald head. He effortlessly constructed a natural hairline that fit my head perfectly. Jeff is a true craftsman who offers a warm and welcoming environment that would make anyone feel comfortable.

Matt Barry

Thank for the colaboration in Miami… We look forward towards working with you again 😇

Miss Beauty Supermodels

It was such an Honorable Honor to have been able to have worked with the forefront of the industry with ya’ll… thanks for your help …

Miss Beauty Photography

Honestly this changed my life . I was severely depressed dealing with craniotomy scars from a severe accident I was involved in. I almost lost my life ,and in the process was left with scar .
Getting scalp micro pigmentation helped bring less attention to my scalp.
Thank you 😥

Orlando Torres

I’ve had SMP done at other places and they didn’t do a bad job but Jeff and his work is on another level and this why I chose to come to him to have a better Hairline and a better touch up, oh and he fixed my side profile and made it realistic and youthful looking. Jeff is the best at this hands down and you can see it through the pictures and his work. The ink he uses is really good and authentic and more defined than other places I’ve been. His eye for creating REALISTIC hairlines, REALISTIC side profiles and touch ups is the best I’ve seen from any SMP artist I’ve been to and know. He is well priced for the work he does and I highly recommend to go to Jeff if you want SMP done, couldn’t be any happier with the work he has done.

Kamran Shahbazi

One of the best smp artist ! His passion & precision speaks for itself!

Hazia Payman

I recently took a training course with Picasso and other founders of the Leaders Academy. Picasso was very welcoming and full of good energy. He is very talented and knowledgeable in his art. Any questions or concerns we had, he’d have an answer for us. Went in there not really knowing much about it and came out feeling like an expert. A couple months later I have now started my own business (Confident Scalp Micropigmentation) and Picasso and the rest of the leaders are still there to help me out with whatever I need. These guys are pretty busy people always on the go and I appreciate the fact that they take the time to reply to us and answer any questions right away. He has even sent me supplies while he was traveling to make sure I got my supplies before the appointment with my client. Overall great person, artist, and trainer. Thanks a lot Jeff!

Alexis Valdovinos

Highly recommend in the Midwest. Absolute amazing results.

Roy Villenas

Jeff is a true master at his craft and his attention to detail is honestly perfect. This was such an incredible experience that as been truly life changing for me and I couldn’t have been more amazed by the results! Thanks again!!!

Fabian SMP

Had three scars from hair transplants
Thank you .


(Translated by Google) Excellent work of my friend Picasso, very professional and perfectionist.

Excelente trabajo de mi amigo Picasso, muy profesional y perfeccionista.

Axel Fau

Detail detail detail

Anoosh Abramian

Picasso Scalp is the best around!!!! I flew in from New York for his natural hairlines,.

Hector Brasco

As a new SMP tech, I have received training in Maryland and felt disappointed by a local provider that did not provide equally quality training. After searching for someone who truly had the expertise in the SMP I kept hearing about Jeff and his team, I had to look them up. I have been following them for some time and finally took a course with them. Wow, just amazing, they took my SMP level to a whole new level of confidence. Not only does he have a cool and humble personality but his confidence and level of success is contagious. If you want SMP training and want it done right the first time, Leaders SMP create leaders. They are a true SMP academy. They truly care about their students. Top of the line training. Thank you for all your help and guidance.

Helen Van R

Jeff is awesome, I can’t express how much he helped me understand the process. I did my research and Picasso SMP is the best above the rest. His skills are unlike no other SMP artist. He understand about hairlines. This gave me the confidences from the start. Thank you so much bro. You are amazing.

Toby Rivas

Look no further and take it from experience I’ve dealt with different SMP “technicians” and finally hit my go to guy. Jeff definitely knows his craft and is superb in what he does. Wish I would have found him first! Consider yourself lucky if you’re new and going to Picasso.


WAS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by a childhood friend. Treated like I ‘m family as soon as walked in the door. felt like i was at a TOP KNOTCH PROFESSIONAL DR.’S APT. Then the practice that was preached was impeccable!! The results. Simply amazing! i Look 10 yrs younger with ease & can’t wait to come back to keep the good vibes rolling!! thanks again!!

Familia T's Domain

Highly recommended, very professional and personality beyond my expectations. Jeff you are amazing thank you again for changing our lives.

Parwyz Payman

The best

Kristina Markovic

When it comes to SMP and natural broken/feathered hairlines Jeff is the best, don’t wait! Book now!

Clay Rush

Not only is Jeff the best smp artist around but he’s an amazing guy highly recommended.

James Marquez

The best solution for hair loss! Top class technician!

Akhil Krishnan

Jeff is the best , very professional , a real artist highly recommended 👍🏼

Ala Yousef

Impressive work and attention to detail, can’t tell the difference!

Kevin M

Werm One

Jeff is the Best scalp micropigmentation artist & trainer in USA. Highly recommend

Masoud smp

S B.

Recommend his training . As barbers we felt intune
With approach on teaching .
Thank god his background is barbering

Rockstar Barbers

Jeff trained me. I’m a experienced Microblading tech and wanted to add scalp Micropigmentation to my business in Florida
Learned all the tips and tricks. Thanks Jeff

LA Lash and Brow Studio

Highly highly recommend Picasso
Fixed my hair transplant scars .
No more hats .
Thanks guys

Adrian Zamudio

elsa villenas

Leaders Academy online training.
For SMP certification. There Couldn’t be a better online service then leaders Academy. You go at your own pace. There is someone always there to help you along the way. If you have any questions. But believe me taking their course I didn’t have any questions. Because it was completely clear.
There was always someone there to address my concerns. They were some and I always got a reply. Jeff is a wonderful person to work with. Thank you Picasso SMP. Scalp micropigmentation.

Luis M Ortiz

Picasso is definitely the best at what he does, his work boosts confidence in males. I started balding at the age of 20, and after the first session I’m already feeling 10 years younger. Your hairline changes everything about your appearance. All in all it just gives you a cleaner, more youthful look. I’m tired of wearing hats! Picasso brought back my shine!

Mike Kusek

I cannot say anything but the best about Jeff. I had several hair transplant surgeries 20 years ago that left me with scars and very little hair. I was caught in a spot where I could not cut my remaining hair short due to scars or the transplanted hair because it was obvious. Jeff worked diligently to camouflage my donor scars and thicken the appearance of my transplant area. Now, I believe I look 10 years younger, have no worry about scars showing and am able to cut my hair very close to my scalp. Have not felt this level of freedom since I was a young man with regard to my hairstyle. On top of it, Jeff is a kind, caring person…and has become a friend over the course of 3 sessions. I highly recommend his services. Great job Jeff!

Ed Yellen

I cant not thank Picasso enough , i had horrible scars due to hair transplant. It was the worst decision i ever did. scalp micropigmentation saved my life. Its the best hair replacement service you can do. Picasso was very proffered. He reallly cares to help people. I highly recommend him. Thank you so much for saving my life picasso god bless you and your business.

Alexander Viruet

Jeff is amazing and skillful at what he does. He did a great job! I can tell he has years of experience and knows what he is doing to make it look precise and natural 👏

Petrie Manuel

One of the best decision I’ve made. I wasn’t sure which establishment to go too, but after I’ve seen the reviews I decided to go here. Let me tell you Shannon did a Amazing jod! Super nice, professional and very knowledgeable of the craft. I would highly recommend anyone looking to get Smp….to try the Justice Illinois location.

J Rilla


Picasso is a true artist and really cares about his costomers. He truly cared to help me. Went above and beyond what I expected. A true master At Scalp Micropigmentation. Not.to mention he trains people all around the world!!! Hes the real deal.

Chris Herrera

Picasso Jeff was referred to me by a colleague. His passion is unbelievable and his work speaks for itself. He does travel a lot but if you inquire wih him properly he has no problem scheduling an appt with you. 10 stars ⭐️ thanks Jeff! I finally have the confidence to leave my hat at home 😉


My Father Did the SMP, Picasso Is the man!

Leo Valadez

Searched for the Best Scalp Micropigmentation Artist & I Found HIM! ‘Picasso’ Jeff is The Best of The Best When it Comes to SMP. His Techniques are Superb…SMP Hall of Famer!!!

Cadillac Crook

So I went to Picasso after Vince hair clinic quoted me a crazy number .
Thanks Jeff

Jan Browm

Jeff helped my friend that had alopecia,he did a great job, definitely recommend him.
Thank you thank you thank you !😊

janette lazaro

Eddie Luna

(Translated by Google) My friend had micropigmentation with Picasso and he loved the results, it looks very natural. I recommend their service.

Mi amigo se hizo el micropigmentation con Picasso y le encantó los resultados, se ve muy natural. Recomiendo su servicio.

Pamela Benitez

I usually don’t put reviews, but Jeff helped me in a way that helped me and my family.
my wife was sick of me complaining about me getting my head done else where. where they totally messed me up. I had to get laser to remove. Then I went to Jeff to get it redone. it was a roller coaster of a journey, Jeff stuck with me and helped me and my family. thanks man.

Julio Barajas

Picasso did his magic on me.
Was refered by a friend after He told he had it done. Jeff explained to me throughly how he would approach since Iwanted it light and sudden👍

Mike Tel

Los Angelas, CA

Awesome experience since day 1! Very clean workspace with life changing results! I highly recommend KAT! A very talented artist who took his time and patience to deliver quality results!

Jonathan Pantoja

Jeff takes his time to make sure it’s done right.

Dyami Kerr

By far the best. Place is super clean, welcoming and modern. Kat is a life changer. So good at what he does and very humble. I would give picasso and Kat a hundred stars if I could.

Yervand Iskoyan

I’ve struggled for years trying to hide that I was losing my hair. Its the most depressing thing I’ve had to live with. A balding woman with black hair is not a good look.
For years I’ve seen doctors, specialists, used sprays, hair fibres and meds.

I was actually considering a hair transplant even though they terrified me as I’ve seen so many people with obvious scarring after the transplant, when a friend suggested SMP.
I researched thoroughly for months before deciding to go ahead. I chose Picasso Scalp Micropigmentation Los Angeles because they have a long history compared to most and after making enquiries seemed very knowledgeable and put me at ease.

They are a great company who treated me sensitively and professionally. The clinic was spotlessly clean. They listened to what I wanted and then went above and beyond in delivering great results. I’ve had 2 sessions and it healed really well each time. The colour match is great and my hairline looks completely natural.

I’m very impressed and wish I had heard of SMP years sooner..

Thank you Picasso Scalp Micropigmentation Los Angeles !

Samuel Nelson

I started looking for different hair loss solutions and treatments I I could do I came across Jeff Picasso Instagram page and website . Is very professional with lots of helpful information about smp and his work was very precise to detail so I made a appointment and I couldn’t be happier with the results of my new scalp thank you Picasso Scalp Micropigmentation Los Angeles!

Jhon Goldberg

Best hair loss treatment in Los Angeles! I liked that Scalp Micropigmentation is a non-surgical procedure for my thinning hair. I’m so happy with the density and fullness I now have thanks to Jeff at Picasso Scalp Micropigmentation Los Angeles ! If you have been contemplating doing the scalp micropigmentation treatment for yourself, let me tell you, you will be so pleased with the results! I recommend jeff and his staff to everyone for your hair loss solutions!

Dan Rebel

Had a life changing experience at Picasso SMP, after my 1st session I was ecstatic to show off my procedure to family and friends and they were like “WOW! Like if I was never balding, it’s totally a game changer, my confidence level went up a whole lot!!! Thanks Kat for blessing me! And the wizard himself JeffPicasso for the great vibes at your spot! If anyone reads this, you will not be disappointed, it will change your life!!!!

-Paul, Proud and very satisfied client!

Paul Teu

I am a cancer survivor, but the chemo treatment left me with sparce thin hair. I tried endless vitamins & tactics to get my hair to grow back, it was in another internet search that I came across the scalp club. Shannon has been amazing… Sympathetic to my needs, she was able to apply the pigment in a way that looks like real hair. It gave me the confidence to go out without my wig and to start dating again. She is such a pleasure to work with, so friendly and truley a master at her craft.

Diana Ruiz

Loved the experience and the outcome! Excellent, very professional, very personalized to the client, I would highly recommend Picasso scalp Micropigmentation in Los Angeles if you want to look Amazing!

Robin Vann

Jeff is the guy! I had the pleasure to film content for him. Jeff is one of the best SMP artists in the USA. He has the best tools and a great space!

Tom Edwards

Thank u , for helping me out, I appreciate everything you guys did ..

Serge Dermendzhyan

First session looks great!

David Williams

Great atmosphere! Best scalp micropigmentation classes In Los Angeles! Amazing classes learned everything I needed to get started in this industry…. and as a bonus I even won a raffle of a fyt travel case with some great accessories!!!

Bruce TheBarber

I took the Picasso SMP class and I loved it. Jeff’s Team were all helpful. We got to practice on 2 different Models. Everyone had different techniques it was very helpful. Thank you…

anakaren erives

Great atmosphere , great professional artists that make you feel comfortable at all times , best place to get your SMP procedure .

Edgar Rodriguez

soon as you walk in you are greeted and feel like family. it’s a sensitive thing admitting your going bald and need help. everyone here is so nice and make you feel as comfortable as can be. thank you guys so much ! they do such a great job. they explain the whole process and make sure all your questions are answered. i absolutely love this place and the staff here! loved my results

vince akeem napoles

Javier Zubia

Diamond Cuts

after reviewing several clinics i decided to go with picasso because of their natural hairlines
Thanks guys life changer.

program time foo

Amazing work. Super professional from consult to procedure, Jeff is the best of the best when it comes to anything SMP. Highly recommend if you are looking for SMP or any information regarding the process.

Pavllo Z

Discussing what I wanted and how I wanted the end result with Kat and we discussed my options.
I was taken to a sterile workspace where Kat prepped me and made me feel comfortable.
As Kat was putting together his tools, I had an opportunity to look around the studio which was very inviting. The decor looked beautiful.
Before Kat began to work, he provided beverages. I also had a large screen TV, as the first session was going to taken a bit.
Kat is truly artist with a beautiful soul.
During the process I continued to ask question about the canvas (my head), proper care, the do’s and don’ts of after care. Kat gladly provided

durwin corrales

I really enjoyed my experience taking this course!!! Especially how helpful and informative SMP Master Artist Jeff was and you can’t forget about Kat that guy was one hell of an SMP Assistant. If anyone is looking to take a SMP course don’t look anywhere else they’re the best in the game, Leaders SMP is Academy I cant thank you enough for such a great experience. Thanks again Jeff.

damian martinez

Jeff sincerely BLESSED ME!
He worked with me in many different ways to get this done. I am extremely grateful for the A1 work that was done on me and the patience he had for me with determining my hairline profile.
I am looking forward to taking his classes and sharing this experience with other people in the future!!!

Daniel Rojo

It was a blessing for me today to have been able to be blessed by the professional art work of KAT for my first SMP session. I highly recommend KAT at PICASSO SCALP MICROPIGMENTATION. Professionalism at its finest with true character.


Good Morning Jeff.
I want to take a moment and thank you for your time and being such a great SMP instructor. Hoping you can mentor me as I keep growing and evolving in this. After 2 years of following your page, God said to me, “You are Ready” & here I am. I appreciate all the Knowledge you taught me and for being patient with me and giving me ins on products and supplies to purchase to prepare the best way. I truly appreciate you. Thank you so much. You Da best!!!

Maria Ramirez

My life is changed. I feel like I have regained a part of my confidence that I had lost. Kat was the artist who did the work and he did such a good job. We pretty much worked together to get the look that I was comfortable with which was important to me. I leaned on his professional expertise but at the same time he was open to my suggestions. The studio itself was really cool, they were very hospitable and really took precautions to protect against covid; face masks, cleanliness etc. Very satisfied.

Daniel Resendez

Jeff is by far the BEST SMP practitioner in LA if not the country. He is very precise and professional along with his entire team (Kat is awesome 😎 too). He worked on my procedure in his beautiful office space, comfortable, clean and welcoming. My SMP treatment looks amazing. It looks so natural and I’m already receiving compliments. This is only day ONE after my procedure. I have my second appointment in two weeks and I can’t wait! It’s actually something you will look forward too. Very pleasant experience and HIGHLY recommended. I’ve visited 3 other practitioners and none were as skilled and knowledgeable. Go with Jeff. Will change your life!

Manuel Deran

Jeff from picasso smp is best out there 🔥🔥

Brandon Seng

Hands down the best experience I’ve ever had in a worried stage in my life to make the right decision on if I should get the micro scalp pigmentation or not and after meeting with Jeff and going through this experience of getting my looks back with the amazing work that he has done on my head words can’t explain how happy I am and thankful I found Picasso Jeff and got this finally done. Thanks Jeff your the man!

Adam D

Being a smp artist myself, I have to be very careful who I trust my head to for a touch up. Jeff has been in the game longer than most artists out there. The man’s attention to detail is impeccable! So when I had a chance to hop on this guys chair to clean up a near 3 year old smp job, I didn’t think twice. The results speak for themselves! Smp artists come here to get their work done! Thanks Jeff!

Arin Adjamian

Great service, clean facility. Jeff knows everything there is to know about SMP.

C Bun

ito Fortunato

My experience with Picaso was spectacular!!! Amazing how he takes the time to explain to you the process and also makes you feel like not only a client but family .. The patience and expertise he puts into his craft is super…. I strongly recommend Picaso to anyone with any doubt or just wanting to inquire about this life changing experience. I have no regrets !! 🤝 BigAL1HUNNET.

Allan Monge

The Best SMP artist around + The Best Instructor Period = If you’re a client flawless execution work on your scalp; if you are a student learn from someone who will teach you what it takes to become a master. 5 🌟

David Rodriguez

My life was transformed for the better from the time
I had my treatment with Fabian. I was able to
To hide my scars from previous horrible hair transplant scar and further more I was able to take my hat off after 25 plus years. I am very grateful
To Jeff and his team for changing my life.

Chris Moody

Picasso & it’s team are very professional, I’m very satisfied with the results. Today was my second section, I still need to go one more time. I am liking the results. It’s truly an art & bringing men & women their confidence back. I am definitely recommending Picazo scalp micro pigments to my friends and family. Very friendly environment family oriented & very clean. I give them 5 stars because they deserve it. Thank you guys for your amazing art.

Carlos Chavez

What a wonderful experience here. Travel far just to get my SMP done by Jeff. Such an amazing spirit, and fantastic customer service. The type of place I would recommend to anyone looking for great service and results. Thank you Jeff love my new hair line.

Andrew Nikson

For years I’ve been doing my research to find the best of the best on SMP. I finally got it done with these guys. Very professional environment and super clean work place. The work on my hair is flawless. Thank you Jeff and Fabian you guy truly changed my life. To a new begging 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Rafael Ramirez

I highly recommend this clinic if you’re someone, like myself, who is looking for a hair loss solution. My procedure was done by Fabian, and he exceeded my expectations. I lost my hair at 19 and had tried several medications and ‘solutions’ that never left me satisfied. After doing the extensive research I decided to make my appointment and I have never looked back! My confidence has returned and I feel like a new man!!!

SMP. VictorE

Man I don’t know how to explain but they do a beautiful great job they definitely change my hairline I look a different younger man thank you Picasso shout out to Fabian the artist .. Thank you again guys

P Iniguez

After checking several SMP all over Southern California, I was very confident Picasso is the best. If I can rate more than 5 stars, I would. Jeff and his team Shannon and Fabian are the most professional people in SMP business is the area. My experience with the consultation was awesome. They checked my scalp and worked with me for the best hair line that fits my age and look and provided me with all details about it. Plus the cost is very reasonable. During the procedure I didn’t feel any pain at all. The place is very nice and clean. My hair looks very natural. I believe I look 10 years younger.
Jeff, Shannon and Fabian are very friendly and professional. I think it’s worthy to drive 2 hours from High Desert area to LA.
Thank you Jeff and your team. I really appreciate your professionalism and kindness.

syed gamil

Jeff and Fabian are the absolute best instructors. They are the goats in the SMP industry. They really break everything down to a science. They are very easily understood and straight forward. I could say more but take my word for it and check out the spot for a service or to learn the art of an SMP artist.

Bladimir Rios

I had my thinning centre parting filled in by Fabian and I absolutely love how it came out. It was little bit painful but absolutely worth it. The place was very clean and professionally run. I’m about to go back for my final session but honestly i don’t even think I need it, Im only going because Fabian said he wants to see it healed and see if it needs a bit more work Follow Fabian’s rules for after care and i promise you it will be great. Thrilled client.

Lion Jack

First of all I only leave reviews if I’m happy and I feel the product and or service exceeds expectations. Case in point here for both.
I’ve just had my 12 month top up at Jeff Scalp Micropigmentation with Fabian after I had the initial three sessions 12 months ago.

I’m nothing less than ecstatic with the work that he has done and I couldn’t recommend him higher. It seems that Jeff and his team are on the whole is a class act but you then have to look closer at the actual technician. The man is an artist and tantamount to genius. He really is an artist and comes from that background And has that all important and vital natural touch and eye for this procedure.

This procedure has absolutely changed my outlook and confidence etc etc. The apprehension that I had at first, completely natural, was dimmed as soon as I met dean and had seen the results of session one.

If you are considering this procedure then make sure you do your thinking and take your time, but when you are sure don’t hesitate for a second to contact Jeff or Fabian. You will not regret it

Jeff Arrington

I’ve had numerous hair transplant and scalp reduction procedures that were disastrous and left extreme scars. However, after just 2 visits, Jeff’s work has been nothing less than amazing. Thanks Jeff for doing a great job!

Shane Petrick

So happy I found this place. Shannon is awesome: kind, professional and, most importantly, SKILLED. Hair loss is a sensitive subject and so any kind of treatment can be fraught with fear, anxiety, insecurity, etc. But Shannon assuaged all of that by being open, honest, clear, calm and communicative from the very first convo through the aftercare process and beyond. Also helps that the Picasso studio is great: beautiful, bright, airy and, above all, CLEAN. Really couldn’t ask for more.

Mitchell Black

After researching SMP for many months and finally deciding I was going to move forward with this procedure. I started reading reviews on different locations and performing extensive research on where I felt did the best work and I myself would benefit from the results. Picasso Scalp Micropigmentation-California stood out among the competition and after picking up the phone and contacting them I couldn’t have felt any more comfortable. Jeff was extremely knowledgeable, professional, and easy to talk to. After booking my appointment I went in for my first treatment. Nice clean office and I was offered water. Procedure was painless and conversation with Jeff made the time go by a lot quicker. My first session was a dramatic change. After that I had 2 more sessions completing my entire procedure. 3rd session was more like a touch up. Great overall experience. Thank you!

Hasan Al-Mamun

Flew in from NY to get my head done, I was looking for a more natural hairline .
Love it thanks , highly RECOMMENDED

Mario S

Picasso is not only a perfectionist but a talented artist, these two combined factors are the reason he’s the best in the business. He doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to training, truly wants to see his students succeed. The passion he has for what he does shows not only in his work but in his dedication to those who train with him.

If you’re looking a quality SMP trainer, he’s your guy.

Can’t thank you enough!

Permanent Makeup

Best hair loss solution in L.A. Fabian was extremely detailed from start to finish, a true profesional and I couldn’t be more satisfied with how amazing the results came out. This procedure as truly changed my life and I couldn’t be more grateful to him. Thank you again!

Karen R Sheard

Just got my SMP in L.A. Fabian is an extremely professional, efficient, & personable artist. He made the entire process seamless & comfortable. His work has been invigorating to witness and experience. I had my initial doubts about the procedure in general, but I can say without a doubt that Fabian is the perfect person to embark on this journey with.

David Poker

Shannon is the best. I’m so grateful and excited about the way I look. What a great company and a great job. Super Friendly She put on a movie chatter when I wanted and was almost therapeutic spa type experience with a confidence building fresh start. Thank you a Shannon

Mike Cratch

Jeff is really professional and very good at his job. I highly recommend him to anyone who is considering doing scalp Micropigmentation in Los Angeles.

John Foster

From the first session, Jeff was very thorough and detailed. He explained the entire process to me before we began. The place is very clean and he carries himself professionally. I have had a great experience and would recommend Jeff to everyone looking for SMP in L.A.

Peter Leo

We got to work by discussing expectations and tracking a route to the end goal we considered to be best for me. I’d advise anyone who is thinking about SMP to really do their research because when they do all all routes point to Mr.

David Watt

Incredible and warming atmosphere, absolutely love my results. very much recommend picassoSMP if your looking to restore your hairline and have natural results.

Gregory Richardson

Results are amazing! Best SMP in L.A. Jeff is a true professional with a great artistic hand. Could not be happier with the results. Much more cost effective than hair transplants with better results. If you have reservations about your hair loss issues think no further and fix it once and for all with this amazing procedure. Thanks Jeff.

Dan Olariu

I was very sceptical to do SMP as I’ve had alopecia for a very long time so my hair was always long to cover it, plus using concealer products as well to hide it…after a long time searching I decided to go to scalp micropigmantation In Los Angeles ….I met Jeff who is very knowledgeable and very experienced in SMP camouflaging alopecia plus excellent pricing. I’ve finished my 3rd treatment and I’m super happy with the results…thank you so so much Jeff… I would highly recommend it to anyone suffering from alopecia…

Crystal Randy

My hair started to thin when I was young. After some level of denial, I though the only way to hide this was to wear hats in public. My confidence was low. Jeff was recommended to me by a friend. i never heard of Scalp Micropigmentation treatment before! Men oh men am I happy I went through with this! I love my new look! I am no longer hiding under head-wear anymore! Thank you Jeff. Seriously, I cannot thank you enough!!!

Daniel Jack

Surya O

If you want a fantastic results for SMP in Los Angeles results then you can be assured that you will be safe in the hands of Jeff.

Alexandra Lina

I highly recommend to anybody looking for hair loss solution in L.A. You will look and feel younger.

Benjamin M. Kidd

Best SMp clinic in California. For years I have tried multiple hair loss products and was getting nowhere. I found out about Picasso Scalp Micropigmentation through the Internet trying to find something to help, other than a hair transplant. I was very nervous and apprehensive about the procedure, but I set-up a consult with Jeff, and I never looked back. Jeff is not only professional, but very knowledgeable about the field. I got my first sessions done, and not only do I feel more confident, but I’m proud I got this done. Definitely one of the best decisions I ever made. I agree with the other reviews; if you’re thinking about getting this done, you will not regret it. One of the best decisions I ever made. The man is one of the best in the industry! Thanks again Jeff!

Byron Muñiz

I did a lot of research about SMP In Los Angeles, CA and was in limbo with who I wanted to get this done by. In the end I decided to get this non medical procedure done by Jeff and I’m glad I did. My experience with him has been very nice. His quality of work speaks for itself and I’d recommend anyone that is on the fence to just hop off the fence and move forward with Jeff. Rest assured that you are being taken cared of by someone that is a master at his craft & truly cares about his clients.

Amelia Hayes

Mr. Picasso has the best training in the SMP field. Very professional and highly recommend. Please contact him for all your SMP needs.

Twenty Nguyen

(Translated by Google) I want to thank the work Jeff’s work, for his professionalism, and good service, to others for exercising the art of pigmentation, very good work.

Quiero agrádese el trabajo el trabajo de Jeff, por su profesionalismos, y buen servicio, a demás por ejercer el arte de la pigmentación, muy buen trabajo.

Jose Ramos

I’ll start off by saying that Jeff is an amazing artist, who brought back my confidence and made me feel my age. I did my research before getting smp done and hands down Jeff is the best here,(look at his Instagram for his recent work ) I do not regret it and wish I would have done the treatment earlier. He’s very knowledgeable and will work with what hairline and out come you desire. If you’re tired of balding and want to look like you have hair again don’t look any further, contact him ASAP

Enrique Luviano

Jeff is a True Master of his Art and Very precise with his work. He gave me my confidence back and I would Highly recommend him if you are considering SMP. Very professional and a true pioneer of the craft.

Jose Ramirez

Best Scalp Micropigmentation in Los Angeles. SMP is the best hair loss solution. Jeff did an amazing job. From the initial consultation with Jeff, he made me feel so comfortable and was extremely realistic and honest with the goals I wanted to achieve with my hair line.

The treatment itself was almost completely pain free, and the professionalism was second to none.

I feel these three sessions improved the over all look of my hairline, by significantly improving the density around each hair follicle.

I am so happy with the results and would highly recommend any one who is struggling with self confidence about their hair line to come see Jeff, Hands down, THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS.

Jonathan Davis

Agnieszka Tarasiuk

ramon torres

Picasso Jeff is truly the best in the game.. not just because of his amazing artistry (don’t need my review to know that as his photos prove that already)but more because of his dedication to his clients and commitment in making sure the final result is Perfect. From the very first session, Jeff makes you feel like he’s more concerned about you being happy with the results than the amount of Money he’s charging for the procedure. Picasso will go beyond what he promised in making sure you love the final product. and that’s a great assurance to have, to know the smp artist you chose take his time, pays attention to detail, and is totally determined in making sure this is a life changing transformation. From the moment you leave your first session you’ll know you made the right choice.

Martin Ruvalcaba

I am very satisfied with the service. Thank you very much!! I highly recommend!!

Erick Ramirez

Thank you vero for helping me out .
God bless you

Rigoberto Polanco

I did my SMP training with Jeff and it was great.
Jeff had an approachable personality and made me feel welcomed. He is such a good teacher he answered all my questions. He takes his time with you. He has an awesome facility. He is an amazing leader and I highly recommend in training for those interested. He is a true master artist.

On Point SMP

Jeff is an SMP expert and wish I had found him years ago. His micro pigmentation dots are like no other and mimics hair follicles perfectly which is what brought me here. Him and his team were very professional and easy to deal with and made me feel comfortable. Not to mention their office/studio is very nice/clean/spacious and you’ll feel right at home when you walk in. I would not go anywhere else!

Jason Terry

Picasso is an amazing artist and trainer. Drove 12 hrs one way just to train with him!

Johnny Herrera


I did the SMP training with Jeff and Shannon and it was awesome! Jeff is such a master of the craft. Him and Shannon were amazing teachers and I highly recommend the training for those interested. Also, If you’re looking to get SMP done, you couldn’t be in better hands.

Katieli Teu

From now on this is the go to for men or woman that want there confidence back ….

Its Your Boi Fam

Picasso Jeff is a very cool and humble SMP artist. I personally have dealt with him. I love how his SMP work is done. It looks very natural and professionally done. As soon as I can I will take one of his SMP training classes. I want to learn how he does his beautiful scalp artistry. I highly recommend his work. 5 stars! If it was possible I would give him more. Ty

Michael Jim

These guys , went above and beyond to help me get my scalp micro pigmentation. It was a journey , I have 4 hairtransplant scars, I had concealed.
After they healed nobody can tell I had any scars .
Can thank you guys enough .

No more hats …👍

Wonki Chae

Drove all the way from Ohio to Chicago to make sure he was the one doing this for me after seeing his work! Money well spent and am so glad I did it! Thanks again for the great work!

David Russell

I had a Hair transplant almost a couple years ago and they pretty much jacked up my temples to where it was super patchy, forcing me to have to use dermatch to shade it in so it looked decent. It sucked on so many different levels because it made me more self conscious than before I had the Transplant. I was always worried if people were going to be able to notice my dermatch fill in, not to mention forcing me to have to sleep certain ways so that it wouldn’t look all messed up the next morning. I started looking into SMP and I’m soo glad I found Picasso and decided to go for it! Shannon did my first session and she is seriously one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and you can tell she cares and wants to help make you feel better about yourself and right away I knew I was in good hands. It has been a weight lifted off me knowing that I can sleep any way I want now and go out not having to worry about this anymore. They also do excellent work for full scalp pigmentation and yeah if you’re on the fence about this, you should definitely go for it! It’ll change your Life in a great way 🙌

Dave Arnold

Jeff is an SMP superstar and one of only a small small handful of people that I will trust on my own procedure.

Ian Dennis

Was referred here by a hair transplant doctor.
Dr zierling , I can’t believe this exits . I highly highly recommend them , I can’t be explain how happy I am

Edgar Barreto

Fly in from N.Y to get a natural hairline .
This place is clean , and very professional .
I was explained step by step how the hairline was going be designed . From the first session to the 3 rd session . I’m so happy I can cry .
I missed my sisters wedding cause I couldn’t wear a hat . There so much I missed in my life .

CF gang

I had the pleasure of training with The Leaders Academy instructor PicassoJeff over the weekend and it was worth every penny. From his professional demeanor, to his training techniques, to the clean training environment. Jeff had an approachable personality and made me feel welcomed. 10/10 I would recommend this place to anyone that is looking to change careers or learn more about Scalp MicroPigmentation training.

lonnel mcintyre

Picasso is one of the great leaders of scalp micro pigmentation he has gone to the next level.! You know that Picasso has dedication and passion for his craft and this industry he takes pride on his work. If you have follow him on IG @Picasso you will see his work as well as all the people he has educated world wide showing the world that is ok being bold there is a way to cover any spot that you may feel uncomfortable with scalp micro pigmentation! If anyone is looking to get educated as well he provides classes go to his website to get more information.

Cruz Firme

bro thank you so much man
I look 10 years younger 😄, i appreciate the hospitality and attention to detail, walking be through the process and always being available for questions 👍🏻


Jeff is amazing with his technique he made SMP looks so easy, I love the result it looks very natural. I highly recommend him, he’s very professional and knowledgeable.

Dooa Mansour

Great service and knowledge in the field of smp Picasso will get you right all the time.

Mike_ Fadez

Dealing with hair loss in my early twenties was an experience. Jeff made SMP a way to allow me to move forward. Answering all questions and working with me to develop a look that would fit me was exciting. Jeff is professional and honest with results and timeframe. I am completely satisfied with my results and wish I would have done this sooner. I highly recommend Picasso.

Giovanni Rodriguez

You’re in great hands if you choose this place for your SMP!

Scalp Doctor

We been referring clients to Picasso for a while now .
Very professional

Elite Permanent Makeup

This guy is top dog . Thank u

Jackson Deleon

Had my boyfriend get it done for his birthday.
He absolutely loves it l. ❤️

Samantha Moreno

I couldn’t be happier with my results. I was nervous to try SMP but after meeting with Jeff and Shannon I felt extremely comfortable. I was mainly concerned about the hairline not looking natural because I thought SMP was essentially tattoo shading. I was WAYYY off. The artists at Picasso are very very precise and detailed, and take great care placing literally thousands of very fine, very strategically placed dots. Their work speaks for itself in their Instagram, my pics are on there!! I’ve already referred 2 friends to them- wish I had done this sooner.

Logan Robbins

From start to finish it was such a great experience. You can tell you are dealing with people that truly care about this technique, have trained with masters and want you to look the best version of you. Shannon was AMAZING. She made what could have been an uncomfortable moment so enjoyable. She follows up via text often to make sure I am still pleased with results. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PLACE!

Jim Surace

If you’re looking for hair restoration then you can stop looking now. If you do your research and look at the results you will see that there is no other artist at Jeff’s level. He takes his time with you and works with you to give you the results you desire. After living bald as a Norwood 5+ I no longer have to think about how my head looks. Also, as an entertainer and on camera- no one can notice that it’s not actual hair. I get asked why I don’t grow my hair more than I get asked anything else. “You have a great hairline”… yeah, after Picasso- I do.


These guys gave me confidence,I needed mostly highly recommend

Juan Hurtado

Very professional and attentive to the client. My brother was so impressed with the attention that he received. The place is also so calming and inviting.

Yolanda Sanchez

Picasso is a master at his craft. There is nobody better. You will look and feel like a new better version of yourself…it’s amazing!


Alexander Barber

Jeff is a phenomenal trainer, extremely articulate and thorough. His years of experience and unique style are apparent.

The location is prime and immaculate.


This man is a true artist and professional. He takes ample care of his clients and students and his work speaks for itself. I highly recommend him for scalp micropigmentation if you’re looking to achieve natural looking, long term results.

Christy Garcia

Jeff is amazing! His attention to detail is on point, made me feel very secure that I was doing the right decision on getting my scalp done, my hair looks fuller and my hair line looks great! I’m very happy with the results. Thank you!

Gigi Medina

She did goog job …nice people i love it ..

wuilman zamora

After looking at many hair loss alternative treatments I came across SMP. In the past 2 months I have done my 2 sessions and I am more than happy with my results! I just got married last night and thanks to Jeff I had my full confidence restored for my special day. I cannot thank him enough, he took his time to perfect his art and he lives up to his name. Thank you so much Jeff!

Enrique Cazares

So happy with the results, thank you for the density fill .


Shannon is truly an artist at what she does. She has the skills of a seasoned pro & all the perfect midwestern charm that’s missing in LA. 5 stars

Marquis Howell

Amazing work !!
Thanks, Jeff!

Miguel Martinez-Lafuente

Great work all around! Shannon worked on me and gave me back my confidence. People are complimenting me on my head all the time.


Jeff, Thank you for the step by step hands on training course on Scalp Micropigmentation. I left the course feeling confident and excited to apply what I learned. Keep up the great work.

S Perez

Kat was super nice and patient with us. He took my husband at night because we had a flight te next day.
He did an amazing job. My husband looks 10 years younger 🙂 super professional, highly recommend

Daniela Amkie

When I seen pictures of a woman who had SMP performed it was the first time ever hearing about the procedure. I’ve been struggling with hair loss for the past few years and associated it with stress from my divorce, unfortunately my condition is due to my thyroid. I was devastated and thought my only option was a costly hair transplant. The results from this woman’s SMP gave me newfound hope. I contacted Jeff at Picasso SMP (who performed the woman’s procedure) and met with him and his staff, who made me feel comfortable and explained the procedure in detail. He and his staff were professional, polite and made my consultation experience very pleasant. As for the final results, I’m at a loss for worlds. Absolutely life changing and one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’m still in awe over how natural my procedure looks and how thick my hair appears. I’m in tears as I write this and want to thank Jeff for changing my life. Thank you for bringing back this woman’s confidence and getting me ready for the next chapter of my life.


I recently took a scalp Micropigmentation class from Jeff and his colleagues with Leaders SMP Academy in LA and I couldn’t have asked for better trainers or experience. Not only was it extremely informative, he broke down everything we needed to know as new artists going into the field. We gained the tools and knowledge needed to have the confidence to immediately start performing quality work. He supervised hands on with a model and has continued to show support even after class, which is rare with trainers. After seeing his work in person, I have a new bar of aspirations for myself. If you are interested as a student or potential client, I would recommend him 110%!

Dawn Wiley

The staff is awesome here. You won’t be disappointed with the results. Drove from Sacramento to get trained and get my friends head done.
Much appreciated

Vanessa Marie

My wife received treatment from picasso scalp micropigmentation and I really love the results. Everything looks so natural, picasso Jeff is a true artist.

Willie Young

Nice people and good service!

bharath kola

Flew in from Utah to see shannon, needed a touch up
Been 3 years since last session.

Mario Munoz

Great office in a great location. Clean, A/C and parking! Years of experience and a fabulous portfolio of work. Friendly and super knowledgeable. Two thumbs up!

Shannon McDonough

a year ago
Best in the business.

Valentino Alexander

Clean,good service, very nice and professional. Jeff is funny and his work is dope. Got my boyfriend to do his first session and can’t wait to go back for a second session. It’s been a week and the results are outstanding definitely recommend to whoever needs the service. Best decision I made by far

Stacey Khonmony

rob scheppy

Jeff is the best professional in LA


Great service guys ,awesome artists .

Roderik Espinoza

M.V.P. Best in Los Angeles. The man , thank you so much .
Appreciate it

Anoosh Abramian

Was referred by my Bosley hair transplant doctor ,
Great job guys .

Saul Goodman

For years my father tried to reduce the appearance of his hair loss in vain, and Jeff Picasso’s work was what finally gave him results. He was so impressed that he asked about training to do SMP, both of us ended up taking the class. The training was simple, easy to understand and provides a great guide as to what I need. I have already worked on one person, and I did so with ease. Thanks to Jeff’s training I feel confident doing this up and coming method that will not only change my life by giving me a wonderful career but change the lives of people who have lost their confidence.

sarah johnson

Great company and great success on getting SMP education.

George Rojas

Had my SMP procedure done 2 years ago and it still looks great.

Mike C

Picaso one the best in the buisness by far most professional above standard in quality presentation , Jeff is one my favorite artist I follow becuase of his dedication to his procedures and client satisfaction.

Alejandro Esparza

Werm One

I can say Jeff is an artist. He is a professional, disciplined & honest. He stand up to his word. The quality of his work is admirable.

After Couple of Google/IG searches, found him. I have walked in for a consultation without an appointment. He was respectful in inviting me in and explained his work and how it is going to help me. He explained me the pro and cons of the procedure. His knowledge is amazing. He has strong hold on his work. Apart from all these, he is very easy to communicate with. I did hear it is a painful process but he made it sound easy and stood up to his word.

I would happily recommend Jeff to anyone looking for SMP. He is committed to make others life better.

Hemanth Pusapati

Excellent experience always, great attention to detail and Picasso will make sure it is perfect

Ireland 1990

Very hesitant at first, not knowing what to expect. From the moment I walked in, the anxiety disappeared immediately. The Hollywood facility was not what I had anticipated. The place was an immaculate, upcale, modern loft type converted SMP Studio. A cross between a Vegas Lounge with a Hollywood vibe…..
This guy took my temp, made sure I had a mask on, and was very professional. Answered all my questions and immediately gave me confidence in proceeding with the procedure. Even explained his goals of what he thought would fit best for me.
Enter, Kat (The best SMP Artist in the West Coast) hands down……
Kat’s definitely a master of his craft. I was the most meticulous and precise person I’ve ever known, until I met Kat.
Thank you Kat for taking the time and going above and beyond what I had imagined.
Amazing work!

Ron Caluya

Kristina Markovic

Pia Rizza

(Translated by Google) One of the best Hapikasu artists, thank you very much

يكي از بهترين ارتيست هاپيكاسو خيلي سپاس گذارم

Hiba Hashemi

I have known Jeff for many years and he is among the most trusted and respected Scalp Micropigmentation practitioners in the world.

Carlos Montes

It’s already my second session here at this place ! Love the environment. The place looks nice, Jeff has done a great job, hella satisfied with the work that he’s done on me! I feel more confident now without the hat! Definitely would recommend Jeff to those out there that’s looking for the HOPE and a miracle!!

Jimmy Lu

This guy clearly knows what he is doing

Chris Torres

Well let me tell you that I’m so happy I found Picasso and I would I wish I would’ve found it sooner. I just had done my 3rd and final session. I’m so happy and so please I looked into doing this. I now feel much more confident about myself, about being bold and if a wear a hat is not because I’m trying to hide anything anymore, not like in the past. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. MAKE THE DECISION, DO IT.
Thanks Picasso!!!

Joe Amaya

Highest quality of professionalism and attention to detail. Definitely a leader in micro pigmentation. Great job!!

Kae Rocco

Does a great job! I model and have big social media following so he has made me a lot more comfortable on camera! I came from Virginia to Hollywood to make sure I got it done by a pro!

Twalk Da Hulk

I found Picasso on IG after going through a rabbit hole of other artist who offer SMP. I had been following him for a long time and admiring the quality of his work so It was an easy choice when I decided who to look into for education.
His website was easy to navigate and up to date with all of his courses and locations.
Choosing his training program was the best decision. Not only was he on top of communication and following up with class information he’s extremely open and detailed with all of his knowledge!! The staff of the training facility he works with was just as friendly and detailed.
I highly suggest taking any of his SMP training courses.

Sara Suta

Great atmosphere and awesome customer service!!

Arizona Interlocks

My experience was tremendous with Picasso SMP. They answered all my questions and made sure I was comfortable with the process. Then we spent time designing the perfect hairline, and the results are amazing. They really mastered the art of the natural hairline. The studio is very nice and Jeff and his team I believe are the best in the business. I highly recommend them if you are losing your hair. You won’t regret it!

Mike Johnson

Does great work and put pride into his art of micro pigmentation. Thank jeff

ricardo castro

I had the great privilege of studying with Jeff. He remains my mentor and friend. Always keeping up with the latest and greatest tools needed for SMP, Jeff stays passionate for the knowledge needed to push through in this ever so progressive world of Scalp MicroPigmentation. His expertise shines and proves itself as he continues to train and mentor aspiring SMP artists around the world 🌎.
Thank you Jeff!

MicroPigment & Image Center
Phoenix, Arizona

Dawn DeGeer

Jeff is such a professional and takes such pride in his work, he is absolutely amazing at what he does.

Bella Frendo

Wow. I can’t express how happy I am with my new look. Thank you again Jeff .If your looking to get scalp micropigmentation he is the man to go to.

bryan abernathy

Jeff “Picasso”… humble, sincere, strong work ethic, dedicated to his craft, a wealth of knowledge, a solid SMP artist and honored toncall him my friend! Looking for the best??? You have arrived!

Scalp Ink CT MicroPigmentation Milford Connecticut

Veronica thank you for helping me . Guys if you want SMP come to Picasso SMP.

enrique M

Picasso is a very talented artist. His passion for his work is incredible!

Sandra Vargas

Picasso did a masterpiece . I trust him he fully explained to me evything from consultation to post care .

S B.

Very professional, Picasso did a awesome job teaching us. Drawing a hairline was harder than I thought . Highly recommend for training in scalp

Rockstar Barbers

Thank you brother . God bless u

Mark Perinon

Thank you …

Ninfa Garcia

Chris did a amazing job. If your thinking of getting it done do it, best investment I ever made I got my confidence back and i feel amazing plus i catch more girls starring at me!

Michael Peguero

Alma Sosa

Jeff is the bomb! This is my first time getting micro pigmentation and what helps make me comfortable is that ge is very particular with his work and will take as much time needed to make sure that the job is done perfectly. I’m only halfway through my treatments. I have one, maybe two sessions left & I can see a significant difference already. I’m very happy.

Kiki Haynes

Picasso is the best

Robert Donaldson

What can I say.
picasso delivered . I drove from Venice to get my procedure done. My Daughter loves the results.

Candice B

What a great professional experience, the moment I walked the team made me feel welcome. They understood my questions and even my fears. Kat, really did an above superior job at answering all of my questions.

What I found so professional was the way Kat did his work, the patience and steady in his hand. It is as I was his Canvas and he is creating Art. His talent is beyond words, and I am bless to have him work on my head.

Last but not least, I have 1 more session, and my new look has me looking and most important feeling younger. Thanks Kat, and Picasso team, I can now go on without my hat.


Coming to Picasso scalp micropigmentation, I can ensure you . You won’t be dissatisfied. The team made me feel comfortable and sure it was at the right place to get SMP. Flew in from Mexico 🇲🇽 for this

Jorge Rodriguez

I had a SMP today with Kat. He was amazing and did an outstanding job. I’ve had previous treatments but this was the best. Thanks to Jeff for the consult and help today.
I recommend this business to anyone. José Ángel Gutiérrez ( happy customer)

geoffrey griffiths

Kat is the best. Super talented, great experience

shady slim

Kat – amazing work, great detail, I feel like a new man and confident with my appearance. 100% would recommend if you feel like you need SMP. I am very happy with my results.

Eric Martin

The best experience ever. I learned so much about smp. Jeff, and Katt are masters at their craft. Im looking forward too becoming a great Smp Artist! Thanks Fellas!

ken ken

I had to fly in for all my procedures. You can tell this isn’t so much about money with Jeff. He takes his time preparing you … and makes sure you’re happy with the results before you leave. Great guy ! Great procedure! Can’t wait for my last procedure. Keep the good work Jeff.

ronnie fabri

I have to say my experience was absolutely a great one highly recommend anybody that’s suffering from hair loss very clean environment friendly and professional staff Picasso is the Master! Thank you! 🙏


This guy knows his stuff I’m from ct and he was a lot help to let me know what the ins in outs was for getting the micro pigmentation If u want to know anything about it call Picasso from LA Thanks alot

michael glenn

Straight up the best experience I ever had. I love my new look. Kat is a great person and an awesome artist my hair looks sharp and natural. Ask for KAT trust u wont regret it.

Jose Reyes

Donte Fuller

After my first session with Katieli (@tieli) my wife said that should couldn’t tell the difference from my real hair and the treatment. It looks like I went back ten years and never lost any of my hair to begin with. This was one of the greatest decisions I made and I still have two more sessions to make it look even better than it does now.

I couldn’t recommend this enough to people. Anyone that is dealing with hair lose and would like to have their natural hairline back, this would be the best decision they could make. I know that’s true for me.

Michael Sanders

Jeff is a perfectionist!!! His studio is nice modern and clean along with a vintage barber chair. I’ve had smp done elsewhere before (they just wanted my money); Jeff takes the time to measure the symmetry of your face and finds the type of style you want. He guides you on the proper ways to make it look as natural as possible while also profiling his client needs. Already am spreading the word about his work to friends and family.

Paul Goce

En Austin super cuando quieran un professional pregunten por ivan muy amable y muy professional en lo que hace me encanto lo que me hizo muchas grasias ivan 3 secciones y mi pesadilla acabo 😉 se los recomiendo al 1000

Montes Raul

They are ethical! That’s why I give them 5 stars! Something some competitors didn’t do with me. Kat took the time to explain to me the difference between if I have a density fill (I want to keep my hair 1-2 inches on top) and if I want to keep my hair shaved. His consultation wasn’t pushy or salesy at all either! He genuinely likes to help people. His work is outstanding and natural-looking too. Feel free to look it up! If you’re looking around for a place to do an SMP, at the end it comes down to the artist, and Kat’s work is top-notch!

Computer E.

Jeff is all about his craft!!!! I went in for a touch up and he totally went above and beyond to make sure the job was done 150%. I have been referring all my friends and family to him.

Paul G.

I wasn’t sure where i was going to get my SMP work done until i met KAT. From the beginning he answered all 1,724 of my questions about SMP without missing a beat. Not only is he informed about his craft, with a precision and focus that is comparable to a laser, but he also has heart and as a client of his i can’t stress how important that is. The work that Kat is doing at Picasso SMP breathes life. He is not only restoring confidence in his clients but he’s getting to know them, share with them, and encourage them to be their full selves. I have nothing but the highest regard and compliments for my new brother KAT. If you are in the LA area or wanting to travel to the LA area look no further than KAT at Picasso SMP.

Please S.

If you are considering doing an SMP treatment to restore your hairline, Picasso Jeff and his team are the people you want to go with. There is not a better artist to go to, I have done some extensive research on this prior to doing my procedure and never felt comfortable with any of the people to move forward. When I met Jeff I was ready to get it done that same day, and I’m glad I did.

I’m a very picky person and probably a pain in the ass to deal with, but Jeff made me feel very comfortable doing this procedure with him and he fixed my hairline beyond my expectations.

I just finished my 3rd and final session this week (unless any touch up is needed in future) and the results are amazing. Never thought I’d see the day I had a perfect line up again..

I’ve been to consultations with ZANG SMP, Newport SMP, and SCALP Micro in Venice. Jeff is better than these guys. He will work closely with you to get your hairline exactly how you want it. He has the artistic touch to really make your lineup look good and hair natural as possible. Do yourself a favor and go to a consultation with him.

If you want a perfect hairline and don’t want to end up with a fucked up scalp that looks like you painted your hair on – then go to Jeff.

I can’t thank him enough, the attention to detail and getting it exactly how YOU WANT IT is simply unmatched.

Dana K.

Picasso & it’s team are very professional, I’m very satisfied with the results. Today was my second section, I still need to go one more time. I am liking the results. It’s truly an art & bringing men & women their confidence back. I am definitely recommending Picazo scalp micro pigments to my friends and family. Very friendly environment family oriented & very clean. I give them 5 stars because they deserve it. Thank you guys for your amazing art.

Carlos C.

I had the pleasure of taking one of Jeff’s scalp micropigmentation classes to become a SMP artist myself. Jeff’s immense knowledge and skill within the industry was evident in the way he taught his training course. I was able to learn the valuable skills needed to become a SMP artist myself. Along with constant post-course communication, Jeff has allowed me to become a very confident new artist in this exciting and fulfilling permanent makeup industry.

Many thanks to Jeff and the Leaders Academy! I can honestly say that I had the privilege of learning from the best in the industry!

Pat L.

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