Congratulations on deciding to invest in scalp micropigmentation. Now that you’ve made that decision, we know you’re excited to begin. In anticipation of establishing your new hairline and transforming your appearance, here’s what to expect next. Keep in mind that every client and every client’s scalp is different. While this covers the basics, we’ll always be flexible and responsive to your particular needs and concerns.

What we’ll cover before your first scalp micropigmentation session

Here’s what won’t be covered in your first micropigmentation session, because we’ll cover all these things in your initial consultation. With these things out of the way, you’ll be able to anticipate and focus on your first session as the first step toward a permanent solution for your hair loss.

The initial consultation will cover an introduction to your micropigmentation specialist, a conversation about your goals and hoped-for hairline, decisions about the costs of treatment, and a discussion of any financing questions. We’ll deal with any paperwork to get all of that out of the way in advance.

The three steps of your first scalp micropigmentation session

The first step will be your specialist developing a blueprint to guide the creation of your new hairline. That blueprint is typically drawn on your skin using a white wax or makeup pencil. This decision will be a collaborative process between the two of you. Don’t rush this step. We want you to feel comfortable enough to tweak and adjust this plan until it’s one in which you’re excited and satisfied. Your specialist will understand your desire to perfect it until it’s, well, perfect.

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Once the collaborative design work is done, step two sees the specialist determining what will be needed to achieve your goals. They’ll consider the pigment and density required, and check your skin for any scars or blemishes that will affect the process. Scalp micropigmentation can mask those scars, but you can also leave them precisely as they appear. Some scars are hard-won and worth keeping, while some people are eager to have them masked; talk to your specialist about what you’d like to achieve either at the initial consultation or your first session.

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We have a hunch that the third step is the one for which you’ve been waiting most keenly. After setting up the pigment and equipment, your specialist will spend a couple to three hours painlessly treating your scalp via the micropigmentation process. For your specialist, this is a block of detailed and focused work while they apply pigment over 1,000 times per square inch. For you, it’s time to relax. Over the course of the first session, there will be snacks and washroom breaks for you and your specialist.

Then what?

Once your first session is complete, our team will provide you with some basic aftercare instructions. They’ll cover things like avoiding sweating and washing your head, when and how to shave, and when to shower. Better still, we’ll schedule your next micropigmentation session, usually within a couple of weeks, to get you the next big step closer to achieving your goals.