What Is Scalp Micropigentation?

Scalp micropigmentation is a non-surgical, innovative treatment option for baldness in many forms. Men and women of all ages can achieve a more full-looking head of hair with this cosmetic procedure. Using microdot tattoos, your head is given the appearance of healthy hair follicles in the pattern of a regular hairline. Depending on the severity of your baldness, you can sometimes choose a new hairline. With a buzz cut close to your scalp, you wouldn’t even notice the difference between your actual follicles and the microdot tattoos. If you have a longer hairstyle, scalp micropigmentation can help fill in some thin areas.

Who Can Receive This Procedure?

Although scalp micropigmentation is commonly known as a treatment for male pattern baldness in Los Angeles, Chicago, IL and Austin, TX, its benefits can reach much further to individuals of all genders and ages. Some examples include:

Individuals recovering from cancer

Hair loss is a common side effect of cancer treatments such as radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and targeted therapy. Although these techniques are needed to kill the cancer cells, they tend to kill or damage hair cells as well. If you recently underwent cancer treatment and your hair isn’t growing in as you would have hoped, we can help to fill in some of the thinner areas.

Those who had a previous hair transplant

There are a couple of different ways one could go about getting a hair transplant, but with one technique, an inconspicuous section in the back of the scalp is removed and transplanted in the front where the hair is thinning. While this may seem like a good idea at the time, many hair transplant patients often end up balding later in life, making the scar on the back of the scalp quite noticeable. Scalp micropigmentation can be completed right on top of the scar to help it blend in with the natural hair growth of your head.


Baldness is common in men as they age, but there are also some women who experience balding with age. This can be frustrating and embarrassing, but we can help those women feel the confidence they once felt.

Individuals with alopecia
Alopecia is simply defined as “baldness,” but some individuals experience it earlier in life than normal. Alopecia doesn’t just affect the hair on a person’s head, but all over his or her body as well. Micropigmentation is a procedure often used to fill in the scalp but can be used for beard repair as well.
Those who had a previous surgery or accident
Surgeries and accidents involving the head often result in unsightly scars. Our scalp micropigmentation treatment works to fill in those scars, whether they are large or small, so they don’t stand out like they used to.

#1 Hair Loss Solution



Over 60% of men and more than 40% of women will experience hair loss in their life. No matter what stage you’re in, we’ve seen it before, and we can help.

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For many women, men, and children, alopecia can seem like an unwinnable struggle. We’d love to show you how we can help, from areata to universalis.

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Whether it was a hair transplant scar, an injury from an accident, or a surgical scar, we can help to disguise and hide the scars in your scalp and hairline.


Life Changing Results

Our customer love their results. Scalp Micropigmentation has already changed the life’s of thousands of customer. It can also changed yours. So, what are you waiting?

They really mastered the art of the natural hairline. The studio is very nice and Jeff and his team I believe are the best in the business. I highly recommend them if you are losing your hair. You won’t regret it!

Mike Johnson

I had to fly in for all my procedures. You can tell this isn’t so much about money with Jeff. He takes his time preparing you … and makes sure you’re happy with the results before you leave. Great guy ! Great procedure! Can’t wait for my last procedure. Keep the good work Jeff.

Ronnie Fabri

Picasso & it’s team are very professional, I’m very satisfied with the results. Today was my second section, I still need to go one more time. I am liking the results. It’s truly an art & bringing men & women their confidence back. I am definitely recommending Piccaso SMP to my friends and family. Very friendly environment family oriented & very clean. I give them 5 stars because they deserve it. Thank you guys for your amazing art.

Carlos Chavez

My life is changed. I feel like I have regained a part of my confidence that I had lost. Kat was the artist who did the work and he did such a good job. We pretty much worked together to get the look that I was comfortable with which was important to me. I leaned on his professional expertise but at the same time he was open to my suggestions. The studio itself was really cool, they were very hospitable and really took precautions to protect against covid; face masks, cleanliness etc. Very satisfied.

Daniel Resendez

Ivan is awesome! I’ve been wearing a baseball cap for over 20 years. After my first session I could not believe it. My wife and kids have finally seen me without cap. This is one talented down to earth guy I’ve come across. Love my results.

Mayson Marinez

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